Mobile Grocery Coupons or Paper Coupons?

Grocery coupons are becoming all the rage these days: Couponing ninjas, couponing experts, couponing television shows. With the economy seeing rockier times, it is no wonder that consumers seek to save their hard earned dollars any way they can. Where shoppers can find grocery coupons and how they use them varies as much as the wide-range products being discounted.

Of course, the traditional paper coupons found in the Sunday paper still make it to the grocery check out line on a regular basis. However, with the growing use of cell phones, mobile coupons are becoming extremely popular for consumers looking for additional savings. A good majority of shoppers carry a cell phone on them at all times and accessing coupons through their mobile device provides a convenience unmatched by paper grocery coupons. Currently, consumer may find more coupons available through the Sunday paper than on a smartphone. Chances are that trend will shift as more and more cell phone users adapt a data plan with their phones.

So, the question is which to use – paper grocery coupons or mobile coupons? Each offers its own benefits and limitations and combining both can create a huge savings opportunity for shoppers at this time. Paper coupons found in the Sunday newspaper are delivered right to consumers‘ doorsteps and are packaged in one spot. Some people are just used to spending the time clipping, sorting, and organizing these coupons. It is just what they do and have done, so they continue to do so. Most major manufacturers send their own coupon booklet through the paper, featuring numerous products.

However, more manufacturers are starting to offer their grocery coupons through mobile grocery coupons apps. Newspapers are suffering from declining subscriptions and advertising revenue, causing them to reach their audience online and through mobile devices. The changing distribution of information and news affects how readers receive and respond to advertisements. Media outlets are trying to reach more people on their mobile devices and so are grocery product manufacturers.

Mobile grocery coupons apps give shoppers a one-stop shop for mobile grocery coupons much like the Sunday paper and weekly circulars. The more users these apps obtain, the more mobile grocery coupons manufacturers will offer. These mobile grocery coupons apps allow shoppers to save in ways that best fit their shopping plan and strategies. They provide an on-the-go way to save instead of worrying about remembering to grab all the clipped paper coupons stacked up on the kitchen counter.

Users of mobile coupons have many ways to adapt couponing with their cell phones. They can access shopping lists that they have created. Then the app’s geo-location technology can point them to the closest grocery store offering coupons for items on their shopping list. When shoppers are on their way home from work and are without their paper coupons, they can still take advantage of savings with mobile coupons.

Once consumers are in their preferred major grocery chain, they can simply scan the barcode on any product to locate a coupon with their mobile app. No forethought about mobile coupons is required. They just grab what they need and find a coupon while shopping. That is a convenience that is just not available with paper coupons.

Currently, more grocery coupons and a wider variety of coupons are still available through the Sunday paper and weekly circulars than through mobile apps. That trend will likely change as more and more shoppers start to use mobile grocery coupons apps. While both still offer significant savings to consumers, using both types of coupons can be a great way for shoppers to take advantage of discounts and beat the rocky economy.

Mobile coupons are an efficient way to save a significant amount of money off of your grocery bill. Mobile grocery coupons are easily accessible directly to your phone using mobile apps. Now you can stop clipping coupons, save time and money and still get the benefits of grocery coupons.

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