Lindsay Lohan: Hollywood Magnet for Larceny

According to the tabloids and sources such as Scotland Yard and the LAPD, actress and pop star Lindsay Lohan has been the victim of a number of thefts in recent years.

As reported in September 2006 by and, on the same day Paris Hilton was busted for DUI, „Lilo“ became a victim of theft at London’s Heathrow Airport, losing an orange designer bag containing one-million dollars worth of jewelry and other personal equipment.

In May 2009, burglars attempted to get into Lohan’s Hollywood Mansion, but her home security alarm system frightened them away. Th security video captured the attempted break in, although the suspects were never actually picked up by authorities.

Lilo’s next brush with attempted theft happened in NYC in mid August this year, when a Manhattan deli employee refused to give back the Blackberry she’d left on the counter. Mohammad Hashan attempted to return it, but first wanted to confirm that Lohan was the owner. He wasn’t aware of her status, and his request for proof of ownership sent Lohan into a tantrum. Perhaps she was insulted that he didn’t know who she was? She had a friend call 911.

„Who is she? Is she a star? I’m no celebrity. I’m only a restaurant worker,“ Hashan told the Daily News. „I was just trying to be honest.“

Upon returning to LA, Lohan discovered that her Hollywood mansion had been sucessfully robbed. On Sunday, August 23rd, three burglars gained access through an unlocked door. Lohan posted on Twitter that they only stole items of personal value, implying that nothing expensive was taken.

Lohan Tweeted that they only took „things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me,“ but other sources tell a different story. And home security video photos released on E!Online show the three burglars in action, prompting some gossip columnists to suspect a hoax or bid for attention.

British tabloids suggest that a stolen safe may have included incriminating sex videos and photos, but no valid sources have been revealed. „Considering the rest of Lohan’s career moves,“ one reporter writes, „it wouldn’t be a surprise.“

Other sources say that inside the safe was $ 2 million in jewels on loan. reports that „Lindsay had the jewels on loan from a swanky Beverly Hills store, but when asked to return the pricey baubles, the Mean Girls star claimed she didn’t have them.“

„If you’re going to have a safe, make it a big gun safe that has to be hauled in with a special hydraulic lift, and then bolt it into a cement floor,“ says in a celebrity tip,
„Thieves can’t steal what they can’t carry.“

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