How Much Does Jessica Simpson Weigh

It seems obesity and overweight problems are affecting a large majority of women around the world where even celebrities are no more exceptions. Those who saw Jessica Simpson in March 2010 at Ed Sullivan Theater in New York to promote her new television show called „Price of Beauty“ noticed that Jessica has gained a lot of weight. But despite of her extra weight gain this successful American singer, actress and television personality still looks stunning. Many recently published news stories and columns claim that this 5’3″ singer has gained much weight and now become around 160-170 pounds. Frankly to her height this weight is nearly average weight of most American women but when it comes to celebrities and television artists we all are habitual of seeing lean, thin and skinny bodies.

Well, the good news is yet to come, as her trainer Mike Alexander was determined to make her better toned. Those who don’t know, Mike Alexander is a famous fitness coach who has helped many famous artists and celebrities loose weight and look beautiful. Close sources claim that it was started on the set of Dukes of Hazzard when she was only allowed to have controlled low carb diet. She also kept herself away from candies, cookies, deserts and sugared items. She was known to have grilled chicken, fish and salads. Apart from just controlled and monitored dietary plan under the supervision of her trainer, she exercised rigorously to attain a toned and firm body. It couldn’t be possible without her commitment and dedication along with hard work of Alexander who kept her on low fat high protein diet and made her workout daily.

It is being noticed that nowadays many famous names and celebrities are living their lives as they wish instead of caring too much about the general consensus. Perhaps, they have learned to live as real human beings instead of starving their bodies to look like mere skeletons. A couple of names could be Tyra Banks, Kelly Clarkson, and now a new kid on the block–Jessica Simpson. Though, as compared to other actresses and celebrities who have gained excessive weight recently, Jessica Simpson seems to have just one drawback–her height–as she is just 5’3″. But when it comes to her fans and admirers they still feel that Jessica still looks beautiful no matter even if she has gained some extra pounds. They seem to admire her inner beauty than the shell or structure. No doubt, she looks stunning even after putting on some extra pounds on her body. Her beautiful smiling face, chubby lips and dimple chicks along with great calves and ankles are enough to make her an eye-candy for everybody.

So would you still ask „How Much Does Jessica Simpson Weigh“ or admire her the way she is?

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