How to take a short film.

Short film is a concept oriented film. These films are made because of giving messages to audience or viewers. These are also known as documentary type films. Now a days these kind of films are getting equal and more responces to straight or commercial films with the help of Internet these films well published and very soon people came to know about short films. These films shows the talented of youth or present generation. In fact with out internet these films could not be made. Make sure film should be in a duration of 5-10mins. The budget of these will be in very low that is why it is called short film, the budget will be in between 5000-50,000. Off course there are short films which are also taken in a very high budgets like 1lakh and above cost is not a mandatory, it purely depends upon director’s decision. The Camera should be in digital format either handy or any other digital camera can be used in making films and also actors must be in a limited quantity depends upon films actors can be increased. Editing and photo-shop plays a key role in making film, Multimedia may be helpful here. And after finishing film you can subscribe in You tube or any other popular sites and add your film. Your film will be popular only when your videos are having more likes or shares. Please mention that long pauses, long dialoges should not be involved in the film message should be given in straight way. Overall, watching this short feels like you are really sitting next to your best friend in Biology class as they animate the story and you beatbox the soundtrack. Danny Madden, Will Madden, and Jonathan Silva deliver a fantastic piece of work that holds steady all the way to the thematic end credits. It’s amusing to see demands from viewers‘ comments for Robot Elephant to be developed into an iPhone game. Looks like (Notes on) Biology is a film that has definitely made an impression.

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