Amateur Film Making Does And Don’ts

Many people have an interest in making films that have never studied officially or completed any training programs in regards to their filmmaking careers. If you are one of them, but love to play with your camera or film events while they happen, you may consider pursuing amateur film making. There are still many program events that they can try to get hired for, but in amateur film making you would have to work harder to obtain these jobs as you start from the ground up building your abilities.

If you wonder about the how successful you can be if you start amateur film making, then you should simply look at the most obvious example, Sundance. Amateur film making is what the Sundance film festival is all about since each film is made by a filmmaker who does not have previous film experience or training from any program. The other reason amateur film making has become so popular at Sundance is because it has become a drafting event, as major record leads will often use amateur film making events to find people who are either involved in films as a composer or as the person involved in the amateur film making.

There are many institutes besides Sundance that laud amateur film making because it presents an untouched fresh view on all aspects of filmmaking rather it be wildlife, documentary, events, or entertainment. Amateur film making is widely accepted and honored because many time people involved in amateur film making are often able to present a set of events more clearly without drafting. They can do this because they fit in with the masses and crowds therefore making them capable of capturing the emotion of the event without people noticing they are on film.

This is often true of many events that use amateur film making students because when you are at a music venue, parade, protest, or other public event, people who notice a news crew will react much differently to the camera. Those who are trained filmmakers often have crews with them which people notice and start playing up their actions to, or playing down their actions. However, when it is amateur film making taking place, people are more oblivious and the footage used in the program portrays the event more accurately. As a result, some programs would rather use amateur film making over professionals clips.

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