5 Tips for Getting the Most From Craigs List Free Classifieds

Craig’s List is the top free classified ad site on the internet. This site allows you to submit free ads on just about any topic you can imagine.

If you want to get the most from posting your ads there, you need to do certain things.

1. Start by reading the guidelines and all of the help section.

This way you know everything that Craig’s List allows. You will also avoid a lot of frustration in your posting because you will know what not to do.

Let me warn you, it can be very frustrating posting your ads on this site. Ads get flagged. They may get flagged because someone doesn’t like your ad, you put it in the wrong category, or there are certain words Craig’s List doesn’t allow you to use.

Don’t sweat it. Rewrite your ad, check your category and resubmit.

2. Sign up for an account.

By signing up for an account, you will get your ad posted to the site in about 15 minutes. Then you can check to make sure your ad is on the site. One thing you need to remember is that you may need to refresh your browser several times before you see your ad.

3. Use image ads.

The advantage of using an image ad, which is legal on Craig’s List, is that you don’t have to worry about including words that get flagged by Craig’s List. Another advantage of using an image ad is that if you’re posting in a category, like services, that doesn’t allow images, you can still include an image within the image.

The easiest way to create an image ad is to download screen capture software and use it to create screen captures. Start by creating your ad in a free program like Paint. Then just „snap a picture of the ad. You may also save your ad as an image and then simply convert it to a more convenient and smaller format, like jpg or gif.

4. Test your ads.

There are several ways you can do this. Try putting your ad in a simliar category or a different city. See if it performs better. The thing to avoid here is to make sure you don’t post ads that have too similar headlines or similar text. This is why image ads will help you avoid text that is too similar.

5. Post regularly.

Craig’s List allows you to post a new ad every 48 hours. Your ad is good for 45 days and then you may renew it. If you post a new ad every 48 hours, you’ll have multiple ads circulating on this site. This will add up to a lot more traffic.

Craig’s List is a high traffic site that gets billions of page views each month. This site is definitely worth considering if you want to get more traffic to your website.

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